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ION Amaze Shorty Neo Pants Blue Capsule

The Amaze Shorty Neo Pants are perfect for use in warmer waters to keep the sun and wind off your

ION Kite Waist Nova Curv 10 Select

The Nova Curv 10 Select is by far the lightest and most durable hardshell harness on the market featuring ION’s

ION Neo Cosy Coat Amp Women Blue Capsule

ION NEO JACKETS & HOODIES are essential companions for cold and windy days on or off the water. Serving as

ION Neo ZipTop Women 1.5 SS

ION Neo Tops are a must-have for every watersports nut hitting the sea or surf in milder climates. Although mainly

ION Poncho Select Muse Blue Capsule

This mobile changing room and/or beach towel is made of quick-drying and super lightweight materials. Thanks to its small packing

ION Wetsuit Amaze Long Jane 1.5 NZ DL Blue Capsule

Long John’s better half provides protection against wind-chill, sun rays and cold current out in the water, plus reliable coverage

ION Wetsuit Amaze Long Pants 1.5 DL Blue Capsule

Mix ‘n’ match with these thin long neoprene pants. Putting the stylish look aside, this handy pair of pants provides

ION Wetsuit Amaze Shorty SS 2.05 BZ DL

We all dig warm water sessions in a mild climate and while your legs a likely to be in the