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DaKine 10″ SCRAPER

A trusty scraping tool is a must-have for any skier or snowboarder worth their wax. The 10″ Scraper works great

DaKine Brass Tuning Brush Green

Dakine Brass tuning Brush brass bristles you will dirt and excess wax off easy. large work area gives you a

DaKine High Octane Rub on Wax

So close to the hot wax, how could you come without wax iron. High Octane is our hydrocarbon mixture for


The essential item for patching gouges in ski and snowboard bases. Our Ptex Sticks are sold in combo colors of

DaKine SNB Bag Pipe 165

Dakine Pipe snowboard bag is a simple Boardbag for your winter sports equipment. The sturdy zipper of the main compartment

DaKine SNB Cam Lock

The DAKINE Cam Lock is a popular option for securing your skis or snowboard while you’re in the lodge enjoying

DaKine SNB Cool Lock

The Dakine Dakine Cool Lock You give thieves on the slopes no chance. The Dakine combination lock has a 94

DaKine SNB Snow Traction Circle Mat

The Dakine Circle Mat Anti Slip Pad you have in addition to a fixed bond version on your snowboard .

DaKine SNB Snow Traction Modular Mat

Dakine Modular Mat ultimate anti-slip pad for your snowboard. It consists of a three-piece set , which you can attach

DaKine SNB Snow Traction Pyramid Studs

Studs and stomp pads aren’t always necessary, but when you need them, you want to know they’re going to work.

DaKine SNB Snow Traction Shakasquatch Stomp

The Dakine Shakasquatch anti-slip pad You’ve just more grip on your snowboard . The cool design is a real eye-catcher

DaKine SNB Snow Traction Spike Stomp

The Dakine Spike Stomp Pad ensures optimum, stable stand on your snowboard while Schleppiftfahren and jumps. This completely non-slip Antirutschpad

DaKine Wristguard Black

To protect your wrists from falls Dakine has designed this sturdy yet comfortable WRISTGUARD. Convenient comfortable thanks to flexible leverages

HEAD SKI Absolut Joy SLR wh/bk + JOY 9

The absolut Joy isn't just an ideal ski for improvers and advanced skiers. It is a timeless classic with a purist design. Regardless of terrain or skiing style, this ski performs well.

Head SKI bindings Adrenalin 14 AT long W/O Br[F] s.bk

The Adrenalin 14 MN is a revolution in freeski bindings, combining outstanding downhill performance with an ergonomic walking mechanism and

Head SKI bindings Attack2 11 AT Demo Brake 90 [G] s.bk

The Attack2 11 GW is a powerful, safe and stylish binding for all-mountain skiers and contemporary trick-savvy freeskiers. The Tyrolia

Head SKI bindings FREEFLEX 11

The Freeflex 11 binding is more stable and transfers power more effectively with its three-part heel piece. The reduced forward tilt converts you into a true racer.

Head SKI bindings FREEFLEX DEMO 14 GW

The Freeflex Demo 14 GW combines the look of racing retail bindings with the functionality of our Sympro rental bindings.

Head SKI bindings FREEFLEX ST 16

The Freeflex ST 16 ski binding is equipped with the Stream toe and Adaptive Suspension Technology.

Head SKI bindings PR 11 GW BR.90[G]m.bk/wh

The PR 11 GW all-mountain binding is suited to both novices and advanced skiers. Additonally it is compatible for use with Alpine and GripWalk ski boots.

Head SKI Boots ADVANT Edge 125S Black

The Head Advant Edge is decidedly upright in its cuff angle, testers said, but slightly low on the leg and

Head SKI Boots ADVANT Edge 65 W

Stability, versatility and control are all part of the Head Advant Edge 65 W Ski Boot. For all-mountain riding, this