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DUOTONE Twintip Gambler

If you are in the market for the Gambler, the chances are you know exactly what sort of board you

DUOTONE Twintip Gonzales

Start your kiteboarding journey right, make every new trick easier to learn, improve your riding faster and make every session count!

DUOTONE Twintip Jaime

PERFORMANCE FREESTYLE If there was a product in our sport that had the biggest legacy, the Jaime would be it, responsible for a revolution in board design and manufacture. It continues to set a standard as the perfect freestyle and freeride board.

DUOTONE Twintip Jaime SLS

PERFORMANCE FREESTYLE The ultimate freestyle and freeride board is even lighter, more responsive and also more fun to ride, thanks to the SLS construction!

DUOTONE Twintip Select

Freeriding has come so far in this sport; the Select was one of the first dedicated freeride boards on the

DUOTONE Twintip Select SLS

The world’s best freeride twin tip just got even better, this year we’ve upgraded the materials to an even higher

DUOTONE Twintip Ultraspike

HIGH PERFORMANCE FREERIDE / LIGHTWIND When you let your imagination run wild, amazing things can be achieved, the Ultraspike SLS is a testament to that, quite simply the best light wind twin tip you can lay your hands on.