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DaKine Backpack Backpack Campus 25L

Pay in parts 3x 20,00 without interest
The Campus 25 liter follows the lead of our popular Campus 33 liter back-to-school backpack with a slightly smaller volume-great

DaKine Backpack Concourse 25l Seaford

Pay in parts 3x 23,33 without interest
Like its bigger siblings, the Concourse 25L has the tech pockets to keep your electronics within easy reach and on-the-go

DaKine Backpack PROM 25L

Pay in parts 3x 21,67 without interest
The Dakine Prom 25L women’s backpack has everything the working professional or student needs. Designed with high-quality materials to ensure

Dakine Method Backpack 25L

Pay in parts 3x 26,65 without interest
If you’re often on the go, your backpack is your home base—whether you’re out for a full day of fun

Dakine Motive Rolltop 25L

Pay in parts 3x 53,32 without interest
If you’re often on the move, your backpack is home base—whether you’re getting around by bicycle or on foot. We