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ION Amaze Shorty Neo Pants Blue Capsule

Pay in parts 3x 13,32 without interest
The Amaze Shorty Neo Pants are perfect for use in warmer waters to keep the sun and wind off your

ION Neo Cosy Coat Blue

Pay in parts 3x 63,32 without interest
Although mainly used in warmer waters to keep the sun and wind off the skin, they can also be used as a second layer underneath your wetsuit.

ION Neo Cosy Coat Core Women

Pay in parts 3x 53,32 without interest
ION NEO JACKETS & HOODIES are essential companions for cold and windy days on or off the water. Serving as

ION Rashguard Women SS White

All ION RASHGUARDS are made of highly elastic SpanFlex_UV jersey. The hand feel of this supreme material makes the difference! They can be used to protect you from the windchill effect, UV radiation and abration but also work as a thin extra layer underneath the wetsuit.

ION Vest Ivy Front Zip women

Pay in parts 3x 46,65 without interest
Easy entry (front zip), Kiteboarding

ION Wetsuit Amaze Core 4/3 Back Zip

Pay in parts 3x 85,32 without interest
Versatile allrounder with premium features 12°C - 17°C