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HEAD SKI Monster 88 TI bk/nrd + Attack 13 rd

There’s racer DNA in this ski,” says Bills. “It’s smooth, quiet, stable and ripe for a strong skier.” Testers place

Head SKI Oblivion 94 + Attack 11 GW

The Oblivion 94 puts the "free" in freeride and transitions naturally from the backside to the park.

Head SKI power Joy SW SF-PR + JOY 12 GW

The Power Joy is the perfect racing machine for experienced race-oriented women skier who need a lightweight, yet powerful ski.

Head SKI Prestige SW SF-PR + PRD12 GW

The Prestige combines a sleek design, craftsmanship, high-quality materials and the latest technology for a precise and versatile ski.

Head SKI real Joy SLR Joy Pro + JOY 9 GW

The real Joy makes an all-day on-piste ski day as comfortable as powerful. It features a Wood Composite Core and HEAD's Graphene technology.

Head SKI super Joy SW SLR Joy Pro + JOY 11 GW

As Performance is very important to you, you go on with the super Joy. This ski performs on any terrain. The fresh design compliments your sporty riding style.

Head SKI Supershape e-Magnum SW SF-PR+ PRD12 GW

With the innovative EMC and Graphene technology, the Supershape e-Magnum is made for the classic all-terrain skier who wants to have fun on and off the piste.

Head SKI Supershape e-Original SW SF-PR +PRD12 GW

The Supershape e-Original with HEAD's new innovative EMC technology and Graphene technology is made for the experienced slalom and carving enthusiast.

Head SKI Supershape e-Rally SW SF-PR + PRD12 GW

The Supershape e-Rally is made for the versatile skier who is looking for fun on every terrain. It features the innovative EMC and Graphene technology.

Head SKI Supershape e-Speed SW SF-PR + PRD12 GW

The Supershape e-Speed features HEAD's new innovative EMC technology and Graphene technology making it the perfect ski for the experienced on-piste racer.

Head SKI V-Shape V2 LYT-PR + PR 11 GW

The confidence-inspiring V-Shape V2 is your gateway to the world of skiing or an easy-to-handle companion.

Head SKI V-Shape V4 LYT-PR + PR11 GW

The V-Shape V4's broad shovel and narrow tail helps you start and finish turns with ease and confidence.

Head SKI V-Shape V6 LYT-PR + PR11 GW

The versatile V-Shape V6 has a light yet strong construction and a turn-friendly geometry for a maneuverable and stable ski.

HEAD SKI V-Shape V6 SW Lyt-PR + PR 11 GW Br.85[G]

The versatile V-Shape V6 masters any conditions. And it feels at home in any terrain. As an experienced skier, it will take you to the next level.

Head SKI V-Shape V8 SW LYT-PR + PR 11 GW

The lightweight construction of the V-Shape V8 creates a responsive yet stable ski for carving up the groomers with confidence.


The revelation – agile all-mountain skiing redefined