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Head SKI WC Rebels e-GS RD Team SW RP+FF 11 Race

Pay in parts 3x 125,99 without interest
The WCR e.GS Rebel Team delivers performance to a new generation of racers, featuring stronger, lighter and perfectly balanced characteristics.

ION Gearbag Tec Golf

Pay in parts 3x 79,98 without interest
Are you looking for the most comfortable way to travel? ION’s Gearbag Tec Golf offers space for your kite gear

Leki Poles CC 450

Pay in parts 3x 22,65 without interest
The CC 450 offers everything a recreational cross-country skier needs. The composite 450 carbon is strong and stiff and has

Leki Poles XTA 5.5 CC

Pay in parts 3x 17,32 without interest
The XTA 5.5 is a top-class aluminium pole. At 94 grams, it is only slightly heavier than a carbon pole

Leki Poles XTA Base CC

A perfect Nordic pole for recreational skiers looking for durability, perfomance and value.

STC CC Ski Poles 100% fiberglass

100% fiberglass poles for children and amateurs.