100% Performance Fins & Paddles From the Origin of Stand Up Paddling

Founded and based on Maui Hawaii since 2010, the original home of both standup paddle boarding and windsurfing.
We are obsessed by performance, in a competitive standup paddling world where seconds mean the difference between winning and losing, we work tirelessly to give our athletes an advantage.
Working together with elite athletes we conceive, design, test and build the standup paddle board fins and paddles which will help you exceed your standup paddling goals. We are lucky to live, work and ride in the ideal ocean environment for producing the finest gear.
Through exceptional design and the use of the premium materials we are able to put a little bit of the Maui magic in every fin and paddle we produce.
Our ultimate aim is to help people enjoy watersports and the outdoors more than ever before while promoting a healthy and environmental aware population.

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