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Fanatic Foilboard Sky Wing

Maksā pa daļām 3x 373,07 bez pārmaksas!
Our new range of Sky Wing models grows to nine dedicated shapes and takes efficiency to another level. Ride the

SIC Foil Board RAPTOR 5’8″

Maksā pa daļām 3x 386,40 bez pārmaksas!
Board shapes focused on intermediate / evolution wing foiling, with more forgiving outline and better stability when not foiling. 3x sizes that should be the first boards you might buy after your first steps in Wing Foiling school.

SIC Foil Board RAPTOR AIR 5’8”

Maksā pa daļām 3x 293,07 bez pārmaksas!
Inflatable board with carbon power drive plate that maximizes the connection from the rider to the board.