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Dakine Kite Hammerhead Kite Bar 10″(25cm)

Dakine Hammerhead Spreader Bar is a robust and stable hook kitesurfing . Suitable for all Dakine Kite Trapeze .

Dakine Kite Push Button 10′

From the summer season 2020, sold the Dakine kite and windsurf harnesses without spreader bar. The Dakine Push Button Hammerhead

DUOTONE Bladder Leading Edge Dice (SS18-22)

There aren’t many products in this sport that can lay claim to a revolution and a lineage going back over

DUOTONE Pair of adjustable Upper Front Lines (Click Bar)

*Attention: Upper FL are delivered without extensions. Extensions are 2 or 12meters. Total length of 12/20/22m is reached with upper FL + lower FL

ION – Quicklock Hook for C-Bar Kitesurf

The lightweight aluminum Quicklock hook is ION’s newest revolutionary take on Kite hooks. The construction offers single-handed hook-in and eliminates