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Leki CC Poles Vasa

Hybrid shape makes this ski your lightweight answer to get to the top without sacrificing performance on the way down

Leki CC Poles Vasa Jr

Leki Vasa Junior ski poles Leki Vasa is a sporty cross-country pole. The Nordic strap can be adjusted easily and

Leki CC Poles XTA BASE JR.

Sporty cross-country poles for young skiers. The Nordic strap can be adjusted easily and the lightweight aluminium shafts deliver excellent

Leki Poles XTA 6.5 Vario 165-185

Maksā pa daļām 3x 32,99 bez pārmaksas!
The two-piece XTA 6.5 Vario is a high-quality pole made from aluminium with excellent swing momentum. Thanks to the lightweight

Leki Poles CC 450

Maksā pa daļām 3x 25,49 bez pārmaksas!
The CC 450 offers everything a recreational cross-country skier needs. The composite 450 carbon is strong and stiff and has

Leki Poles CC Vasa Jr.

Leki Vasa Junior ski polesLeki Vasa is a sporty cross-country pole. The Nordic strap can be adjusted easily and the

Leki Poles HRC Marathon 180cm

Maksā pa daļām 3x 59,99 bez pārmaksas!
The HRC Marathon, equipped with the new Nordic Shark, is the perfect ski marathon pole for cross-country skiers The new

Leki Poles HRC Team 190cm

Maksā pa daļām 3x 89,99 bez pārmaksas!
The HRC Team is the perfect cross-country pole for amateur athletes. The Nordic FRT grip allows incredibly precise adjustment of

Leki Poles PRC 750 CC

Maksā pa daļām 3x 38,99 bez pārmaksas!
The PRC 750 is an ideal training pole made of carbon. It features the new Nordic Shark grip/strap system developed

Leki Poles XTA 5.5 CC

Maksā pa daļām 3x 19,49 bez pārmaksas!
The XTA 5.5 is a top-class aluminium pole. At 94 grams, it is only slightly heavier than a carbon pole

Leki Poles XTA Base CC

Maksā pa daļām 3x 11,09 bez pārmaksas!
A perfect Nordic pole for recreational skiers looking for durability, perfomance and value.

STC CC Ski Poles 100% fiberglass

100% fiberglass poles for children and amateurs.

STC CC Ski Poles SKATE RS 100% carbon

Maksā pa daļām 3x 15,62 bez pārmaksas!
STC CC Ski SKATE RS 100% carbon