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DUOTONE Binding Entity Ergo

Maksā pa daļām 3x 58,40 bez pārmaksas!
The skeleton of a foot consists of 28 bones. The foot bones can be divided into following groups: tarsal bones,

DUOTONE Binding Vario

Maksā pa daļām 3x 43,00 bez pārmaksas!
Comfortable and durable, the ergonomically shaped pads deliver a satisfying ride and a cushy feel at a great price point.

DUOTONE Foilboard Pace

Maksā pa daļām 3x 263,00 bez pārmaksas!
The Pace is a comfortable nearly unbreakable freeride foil board which can handle speed!

DUOTONE Foilboard Pace SLS

Maksā pa daļām 3x 433,00 bez pārmaksas!
The Pace SLS is the board to fulfil your need for speed when freeriding, smashing the latest freestyle tricks or even challenging your friends and race opponents. A superlight prepreg carbon board, especially designed to be fast and in control, on the racecourse and in the air.

DUOTONE Twintip Gonzales

Maksā pa daļām 3x 146,40 bez pārmaksas!
Start your kiteboarding journey right, make every new trick easier to learn, improve your riding faster and make every session count!


Maksā pa daļām 3x 256,33 bez pārmaksas!
For 2023, the best freeride board in the business gets a makeover with a new outline that improves comfort on the water, the low end, and the landings. If you are into freeriding and boosting, the Select is the board you need!

DUOTONE Twintip SELECT 135 (Used)

Maksā pa daļām 3x 226,33 bez pārmaksas!
A freeride machine that is fast, responsive and exhilarating to ride, with a shape and flex that cuts through chop like butter.