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Head SKI Absolut Joy + JOY 9 GW

Maksā pa daļām 3x 137,43 bez pārmaksas!
The Absolut Joy equals versatility and maneuverability for a wide range of skiers who love to make a variety of turns around the mountain.

Head SKI Epic Joy + JOY 11 GW

Maksā pa daļām 3x 160,77 bez pārmaksas!
The Epic Joy isn't just super light, this stable ski embodies pure elegance and high-performance for a full day on the mountain.

Head SKI Pure Joy + JOY 9 GW

Maksā pa daļām 3x 100,10 bez pārmaksas!
The Pure Joy can help aspiring carves achieve their goals thanks to a lightweight construction and nimble waist for easy steering.

Head SKI Real Joy + JOY 9 GW

Maksā pa daļām 3x 123,43 bez pārmaksas!
The Real Joy is as powerful as it is easy to ski, making it a great companion for full days on the mountain.