DUOTONE Kitesurf Pro Wam

The Pro Wam has been completely re-designed from the ground up to remain on the cutting edge of high performance

ION Kite Seat Harness Radar Black

The RADAR’s design is so perfect it fits like a second skin.

ION Kite Waist Harness Nova 6 Silver Holographic

The Nova 6 is an advancement of ION's best seller and convinces with ION's proven harness design.

ION Kite Waist Nova Curv 10 Select

The Nova Curv 10 Select is by far the lightest and most durable hardshell harness on the market featuring ION’s

ION Waist Harness Apex Curv 13 Black

The Apex Curv 13 features ION's revolutionary thermal composite Curv material known for its light weight and great durability.

Duotone Click Bar Quad Control

The unique Trim Unit of the Click Bar enables you to power and depower in precise steps at the flick of a switch.

DUOTONE Quick Release Freeride Kit

The Freeride Kit comprises of the smallest chicken loop combined with a short leash. This kit is the first choice

DUOTONE Quick Release Freestyle Kit

The Freestyle Kit comes with a large chicken loop and a long leash. This setup is ideal for unhooked freestyle

DUOTONE Trust Bar Quad Control

The game-changing Click Bar is now even better in combination with the new FLITE99 lines by Robline. The Click Bar’s