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Head SKI V-Shape V2 LYT-PR + PR 11 GW

The confidence-inspiring V-Shape V2 is your gateway to the world of skiing or an easy-to-handle companion.

Head SKI V-Shape V4 LYT-PR + PR11 GW

The V-Shape V4's broad shovel and narrow tail helps you start and finish turns with ease and confidence.

Head SKI V-Shape V6 LYT-PR + PR11 GW

The versatile V-Shape V6 has a light yet strong construction and a turn-friendly geometry for a maneuverable and stable ski.

Head SKI V-Shape V8 SW LYT-PR + PR 11 GW

The lightweight construction of the V-Shape V8 creates a responsive yet stable ski for carving up the groomers with confidence.

Head SKI WC Rebels iSLR SW LYT-PR + PR11 GW

The Worldcup Rebels i.SLR keeps you in energy-saving mode, thanks to its capacity for smooth turns and easy handling all day long.